Bass fishing tip of the day

A drop-shot is best suited for clear water, Choose colors that blend in with the environment and imitate local forage. Fish a drop shot rig by dragging the weight slowly on the bottom. If you feel the weight snag just shake the rod tip to free it. Keeping the bait in the strike zone with a natural presentation of struggling forage. Shake the rod just enough to quiver the bait. A strike will feel like the weight has snagged. If you feel any kind of resistance, it don’t cost anything toset the hook!

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Ugly Duckling Lure 7 Medium Runner Jointed

Best Go To Lure for Walleye
Though designed basically for trolling. These lures are still very useful in the usual cast and retrieve manner. To reach those deep turbulent spots, put them on a braided line and search the water. With wide action and deep diving, they attract fish from long distances. Jointed model features extreme sensitivity and lively action – a snack for a large minnow feeding species. Designed to be used as a wide range bait, this lure is attractive for different species. That makes them a universal tool for doubting situtions.
7SSinking8100.6 to 3 mNo.6
7FFloating860.6 to 3 mNo.6
7J MRFloating8100.6 to 3 mNo.6