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About Ugly Duckling Company

For thirty years, our company has been dedicated to producing high-quality balsa wobblers.

The story began in the late 60's when talented fishermen (Aca Veselinović) enriched his fishing passion by creating lures that suited his favorite rivers best. A family fishermen heritage helped him to develop an eye for studying nature and fish behavior. After many years of fishing experience all over the world he developed a line of originally designed lures and lure production technology. aca

The painstaking work of skilled craftsmen and technical staff have resulted in the hand-made assembly of lures with high production capacity.

Today, after endless tank and stream testing and laboratory research we are proud to recommend you each and every lure our team of craftsmen have manufactured. While we are glad to hear words of appreciation from experienced anglers, we are continuously developing our lure production keeping in mind the pleasOur first lureure and needs of recreational fishermen and newcomers.

Ugly Duckling® lures are made of first grade balsa. Originally developed protective coatings and structural design provide considerable durability. Ugly Duckling® lures will stand up to severe abuse and still retain their unique features.

Ugly Duckling® wobblers have already reached customers worldwide
You may hear about them from sport fishermen of Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Finland, Sweden, Former Republics of Yugoslavia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Japan, Italy, Chile, Spain, USA, Canada, etc. Available in 43 different colors (34 size) they cover all situations, weather conditions and stream clearness. But, the real difference is the action.


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